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August 16, 2022: 1 dead following Sunrail train crash in Kissimmee, police say

July 11, 2022: Vehicles crashes into SunRail train, causes delays in Orange County

June 6, 2022: 1 pedestrian struck by SunRail train as delays follow, officials say

April 6, 2022: SunRail crash with dump truck creates minor delays in Lake Mary

January 27, 2022: SunRail train hits van in Kissimmee, Florida Highway Patrol investigating

December 30, 2021: Pedestrian hit, killed after SunRail accident in Orlando, police say

September 29, 2021: SunRail train strikes semi in Orange County, closing road, delaying commuter rail

July 14, 2021: Man hit by train in downtown Orlando in critical condition

March 30, 2021: Pedestrian hit by SunRail train while walking on tracks in Orlando

March 11, 2021: 1 dead after car hit by SunRail train in Kissimmee, police say

February 19, 2021: SunRail train hits vehicle in Maitland

September 21, 2020: SunRail train strikes car after driver mistakenly turns onto tracks in Orange County

September 15, 2020: SunRail train hits vehicle in Maitland

June 10, 2020: Driver hit, killed by SunRail train in Seminole County

February 17, 2020: Tracks cleared after Kissimmee train crash causes delays during morning commute

October 28, 2019: Man hit, killed by SunRail train in Kissimmee, police say

September 12, 2019: SunRail hits car in Winter Park, injuring driver

June 4, 2019: Police: Pedestrian fatally hit by SunRail train in Orlando

May 6, 2019: Sunrail train hits vehicle, causing delays in Maitland, Winter Park area

April 10, 2019: SunRail Train Hits Vehicle in Downtown Orlando

February 28, 2019: Bicyclist killed in SunRail train crash, troopers say

February 18, 2019: Person fatally struck by SunRail train in Orange County

January 18, 2019: Car Driving on Tracks Rear-Ended by SunRail Train

December 13, 2018: 2 Train Crashes at Orlando Crossing Within Hours of Each Other

December 7, 2018: SunRail Trains Back On Schedule After Pedestrian Struck

November 15, 2018: Man Struck, Killed by SunRail Train Near Kissimmee

November 12, 2018: SunRail Train Slams Into Disabled Pickup in Orlando

October 12, 2018: Bicyclist injured after being struck by SunRail train in Winter Park; tracks reopened

August 30, 2018: Teen airlifted after being struck by SunRail train in south Orange County

August 8, 2018: SunRail train fatally strikes man in Orange County

June 27, 2018: SunRail train hits SUV in downtown Orlando

March 5, 2018: Pedestrian struck, killed by SunRail train in Lake Mary, police say

January 17, 2018: SunRail train fatally hits pedestrian in Winter Park, police say

November 30, 2017: SunRail train hits semi in Seminole County, 1 dead

October 24, 2017: Woman killed after she was hit by SunRail train in south downtown Orlando

October 16, 2017: No injuries reported after SunRail train hits car in downtown Orlando

September 21, 2017: Man fatally struck by SunRail train, authorities say

August 28, 2017: Bicyclist killed by SunRail train in Lake Mary, troopers say

August 25, 2017: Man hit, killed by SunRail train near Florida Hospital, police say

August 11, 2017: Pedestrian killed by SunRail train in Lake Mary, officials say

May 22, 2017: School mourns after student hit, killed by SunRail train

April 7, 2017: Police: SunRail train strikes car near downtown Orlando

December 29, 2016: SunRail plows into car on tracks in Orlando

July 28, 2016: SunRail crash shuts down Fairbanks Ave. in Orange County

January 4, 2016: SunRail train involved in crash, police say

December 1, 2015: SunRail train clips car stopped close to the tracks in Winter Park

October 8, 2015: 8 hurt after SunRail train collides with dump truck in Winter Park

August 3, 2015: SunRail train hits trailer in Longwood

June 29, 2015: SunRail train, car collide in Sanford, no injuries

March 25, 2015: SUV, SunRail train involved in Maitland crash

January 12, 2015: Driver trying to 'beat the train' caused SunRail crash, police say

September 12, 2014: Vehicle hits SunRail train in Sanford

August 28, 2014: Man struck by SunRail train, service resumes

June 27, 2014: SunRail train, SUV crash near downtown Orlando, no injuries

June 24, 2014: SunRail train delayed 75 minutes after crew member injured in Orlando

May 19, 2014: SunRail train crashes into car in Maitland

May 7, 2014: SunRail train collides with utility trailer in Seminole County

May 1, 2014: Sunrail opens