Days since last SunRail accident:

Previous Record: 77
Best Record: 123

March 25, 2014: SUV, SunRail train involved in Maitland crash
January 12, 2015: Driver trying to 'beat the train' caused SunRail crash, police say
September 11, 2014: Vehicle hits SunRail train in Sanford
August 28, 2014: Man struck by SunRail train, service resumes
June 27, 2014: SunRail train, SUV crash near downtown Orlando, no injuries
June 24, 2014: SunRail train delayed 75 minutes after crew member injured in Orlando
May 19, 2014: SunRail train crashes into car in Maitland
May 7, 2014: SunRail train collides with utility trailer in Seminole County
May 1, 2014: Sunrail opens